Written with Miila Azul of MetArt in mind...

Ya, I remember a headboard.
A scene that Shane Kelly & my then wife were in front of, a green headboard.
The sex life with her moaning and groaning, totally into every part.
She only did with him and whoselse?

But i was the breadwinner, food maker etc. all for her.

All she did was barely come to life as she had with her boyfriends.

Only once in 17 years she initiated sex, never so much as groan of pleasure Mila,

The only time she was dripping wet was by porno movies.

Mila, what am I?

TO say I stayed do to a role in being one of three people in the know of September 11, 2001.

And she just plain did not set herself free with me at all, despite her aunt and uncle, my business partners,
never did I see a penny from them. Sure, bartering, refernces but a real paycheck from M2?

If anything I was being taught? "College" with M2 ended two weeks before 09/11/01.


The closest I've come to being with a hands on sex life with a woman was Jodi Audet, spring 2011.

To know, I know life could be far better.

Whatever your degree will be someday, like Ashley McNair related to Ashley Watts? Related or not,
Mcnai, already spoke via phone with me, indirectly knowing where I am, the illness I do not agree with,

Mcnair you?

Ar least before my "wife" i was making women with my tongue alone have complete body convulsions for going down
for hours at a time.

And my ex? Look at her this way, she is living breathing, movable doll,

Not so much as legs around me, arms too.

II knew what I was getting into, now what?

I do feel the great need to sue Janet & Chris Morris over their ignorance to my contributions.

Does having a winning smile and gentle soul get me in their doors? Apparently, that is the only thing that will.

Maybe, but I am being reasonable,

IF you have no thoughts on this Mila, send me someone that might okay? Someone you think will enlighten me with words.

I'jm leaving you a new song, lyrics too, for Journey.

I hope you own musical work gets anew and in my ears, collaborating...

William K. Mahler

tell it like it is.txt

Living in your dirty world
Oh is your flag unfurled
I tell you what I want to do
I wanna be with you
Now who am I to believe
My my my my friend looking out for me
Right before my eyes lord don't tell lies
Is she mad for me
Or is she going fly away free
All or nothing

World leaders don't pretend
Up from bed and straight through me head
They got the plan again
What would you believe the immediacy
Of what it means to be feeling things
You know are meant to be
So honey push my soul
Hands on complete control
No one will ever know what it means to be-
-in a emotional overload
So could God hear why
Our heart will it ever tire
About what you call before we all fall
Into a hell of fire
So can you forgive
To the nightmare I perceive
Like no one else that told it better than myself
With your help you see
All or nothing
All or nothing

Why should I try to comprimise
The delusional lies I say
About how lives perceived this way
Of how I am I am just a man that needs you today
But you know my line and it's clearly well defined
What's in my mind got to be free for the time
And why I don't need your loving design
So you can argue that, undiputed facts
Now just this one "amen" I say again
You're gonna get a ties
Honey coming from me oh how much I need
For if we could it's understood
Be though we know what never may be
Now what's meant with odds
Strikes through my heart
If I felt it all would I rise or fall
And say a heavenly dawn
So what can i say about my life today
I'm just a million souls that God fortold
And I don't deny it that way
Hey Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey
So what can I say
About my life today
So you now you got your soul
And I say tell like it is
All or nothing
Tell it life daylife it is