Eyes, that cast and fall aside,
Other than "hi" to quiet goodbye
It's silence one in the same
Critical talk, alone here I sit,
My minds darkness, a light is rare
Orange and red ionized mind space
Mind full blues, sky flows on and on
Her voice said do it, and I did it
As she did inside unto herself,
A mindful of soul of Mila, who else.
Two handed grip, a geysers a tenth
Took and soothed me lowering my fence
A midnight one night affair, do I care
The love of a woman to be presently here
I'm single with international lovers, never seen
This is my karmatic all American dream
Bombs and rockets, little kids n the street
Got to be my own Superman to end the scene
Make feel it, this power I do have scream
Make me humble, in your total control
If you love life that's how to get to me bold
Mila, a internet soul traveling, lifted my hopes
PHD in love, she you and I are plain folks
Pertinent voices near and far
Tell me I am a super star
Sitting here as a crazy a s loon
Plastic spoon I've have soon
Windows sealed, shades inside
Tree line says "you are alive'
Natural intelligence burdened
Drug mandatory is a sin of sin
I'm not the hell to place it in.
Fingers uncertainly tell my world
From this I a headed soon Heaven
All the loving I have missed
From a doctor saying I insist.
The sheep go on.

I'll add on this later okay?

-couldn't put it better that I write, single as I am.

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