You are my last romance
with any woman…I cant
go back through all of the effort
I’m a broken man.......
I no longer want do that dance
sharing a passing glance
as a sweet smile grants
Love’s possibilities…....a chance
My hearts been damned
My soul can’t withstand
your ruination of all
we planned
I grown old beneath
your withering love
even though you were
all I once was dreaming of
You have shrunk my dreams
to raisins that rots
when all your promises
became my have-nots
you spurned my yearnings
with a cold, cruel learning
that your passion once burning
took a sudden turning
from what we both cherished
and your love has perished
though I nurtured it so tenderly
your denial’s brought the end to me
loving any women, anymore!
the minute you walked out that door
I have become an old man
who has last the fire
for new labors of love
I’ve lost all desire.
I’m squatting on a stool
a dunce that just got schooled
In a bar that’s packed
with other drunken fools
who have no one to go home to
cause their all alone
what you did to me , baby
is something I can’t condone
as my seventh shot of whiskey
helps to warm my bones
you are my last romance……
I am a broken man………………………..
I am a broken man………………………..

But then across the bar
a lovely lady takes a seat
with a very sad face
that matches all my grief
so I stagger to my feet
and start to do that dance
cause she’s given me
a passing glance
and a sweet smile that grants
Love’s possibilities …..a chance
and I know that I can’t
spend any more
damned nights alone
as I buy her some drinks
and then I take her home
my hearts no longer damned
with this…my lucky happenstance
but I swear to myself………..
that she's going to be ……
My last romance…..
just one more for that
long, cold lonely road
as I swear that she will be….
My last romance.
just one more chance
my last romance…
my last romance!

Phenomenal Music Played & Composed
by E.P. Beats Prodigy-©-2021
Vocals & lyrics Sung & written by-
Matthew F. Blowers III-©-2021
Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
*Image by Christo Anestev from Pixabay

The withering and weathering of Love's rollercoaster