Brian Harold May of the band Queen probably didn't realize in 1974 his song "The Prophet's Song" was about HIV/AIDS at the time - but it is entirely and the only song up until the discovery of the incurable disease. From 1975's "A Night At The Opera" the discussion of the subject became a "cat 4 hurricane" in GoogleGroups.Com circa 1998-1999 beginning in and spreading out to thousands of newsgroups.

From listening to Brian, I've done the same four times.

All I understand is primarily music and from my "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" melancholy somber ballad created and released 2 weeks ahead of the day, I'm asking you seriously, how in song of all things did I manage to sing of albeit cryptically September 11, 2001 and especially in my delivery of each note and word?

About me, my ex-in-laws Janet & Chris Morris own and operate M2 Technologies Inc., a CIA backed Non Lethal Creative Technology Consulting business, private and I have been a volunteer since Janet & I summer 1984 spoke of her bullseye book about 9/11/01 known as "The 40 Minute War" released one month later August 23, 1984. Janet's niece is my ex-wife as we wed May 1989 to March 2008. Along the way, Janet & Chris became my personal in person and online mentors as they were one on one mentored from 1989-1994 by CIA deputy director Ray S. Cline in the United States Global Strategy Council. The Morris's gave my wife and I our fist computer circa 1997 and I've been online and onboard ever since. Janet & Chris travelled to Russia and middle east and in my opinion, personally met Bin Laden and at the least the terrorist's themselves. Why do I know that? The two leaders here in America visited my domain (now defunct) weeks ahead of September 11, 2001 from Arizona. I learned from CNN one week after the tragedy. In my time, my song "No Highway" is about the Virginia gas station snipers and released one week before their capture. "Living Lies (Headed To Louisiana)" is about President Bush and of all places, the center of Hurricanes Rita & Katrina as the word "Louisiana' is only sang twice in 2003. I had a impromptu audience with the president at work in Sandwich, MA. and via phone the same summer 2003. Also, 12/24/04 at least 12 hours before the biggest earthquake since the dinosaurs on this planet, I released my 4th precognitive song "Merry Christmas To You". It's not only music but I've been in the right place at the wrong time for Pulse the hit on the LGBTQ community hours before in front of an ISIS flag in Facebook. So, with that said, the science of precognition and music, behavioral science and I go hand in hand.

From starving artist to National Security Agency? Tonight, I sent them a preliminary email regarding employment.

William Mahler
Cape Cod, MA. USA

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