Just got off the phone twice in 24 hours with Amazon. In Costa Rica, our down south foreign neighbor and ally, a 44 hour per week customer service rep for Amazon, earns in an entire month, less than $1000USD, has to live with her parents at age 21 and cannot afford a place of her own unless she works double the hours per week. It's similar in the Philippines and both are employed by a US based company that pays order fillers more per hour and week, so much more, a employee of this company inside the USA could work less than 35 hours a week in New England and earn more than the customer service rep does in Costa Rica for an entire month. Their employer is benefiting from Trump and his lopsided America first policies that do little for the lower middle income wage workers, during the ever soaring 2020 at $7.50 per hour federally. Who's the US employer? Amazon owner Bozo Bezos, Jeff, the richest US citizen next to fair and square Bill Gates of Microsoft.

We got it good plain and simple.