For the four fisherman lost off the coast of Provincetown today, as this song is also for the fishermen lost of the coast of RI/MA Christmas Eve 2004 and for 350,000 lost souls in 3 weeks after the Christmas Day Tsunami in South East Asia, the biggest quake ever since the dinosaurs. This track is the first ever performance and created Christmas Eve 2004 as Pope John Paul II was preparing for his last mass in Rome. The song during the end moves as waves do as the harmonica also says "storm warning". Anyone else precognitive in their music?

God rest their souls.


Well this time I know I’m not coming home

But I’m thinking of you more than ever

These waves are crashing down

And all I can remember is lying on the ground

I know your prayers are there for me

Would you please add someone else’s as well

Might be a long long time before we see each other again

But at least this time, Christmas time

I know I am at home with you again

Please remember I so much as dared care for more than just you

And for what I know that you don’t know of

Many people like me

Who live the same way as you

Please remember this moment my friend

My true love

I am coming home again

Merry Christmas to you

I am coming home

Merry Christmas to you

Copyright 2004 ASCAP, Copyright 2020 BMI

Created & recorded in South Yarmouth, MA. USA December 24, 2004, Christmas Eve.