Am a natural Cape Cod made musician since AM Mono radio was the majority norm.

Bruce Springsteen has been a huge factor in my life since first introduced officially during my teen years, shortly before "Nebraska" was released. I've released a 27 song 2 1/2 hour digital album recorded between 2001 - 2004 and imho, you can hear Bruce's influence entirely throughout each song including a Zevon & Queen cover. Back in September 19, 2001 Audrey Lee Kelly and I plugged in at a quiet, scared and somber coffee house and literally only knowing the key would be G and scratch lyrics, we managed to pull off 'Freedom" complete with an impromptu jam at the end. GoogleGroups.Com and among dozens of groups was made aware the same night of "Freedom", "Soul" & Audreys tear jerker, "Been Down This Road Before" so much so, the harmonica in G solo entirely mine, Bruce used to be tower two in "Devils And Dust" from my tower one in "Freedom".

October 19, 2002, a new friend and collaborator Daniel Lee Langlais and I only knew we'd be in G and had stage time at open mic at the same venue I'd been at since Audrey and I over a year prior. Dan & I managed to create a outright dark, brooding 11+ minute song known as "No Highway" one week before it became apparent the song was and is entirely about the Virginia Gas station snipers as reported by law enforcement and a few media outlets soon after their capture by the side of a highway no less. The song "No Highway" could easily be mistaken almost entirely for Bruce Springsteen complete with brief wails at the end that imho, only became reality because of the far greater songs, "Jungleland" & "Backstreets" as well as "Something In The Night"

Today, I finally got back to needing a Bruce Fix so I happily spent $9.95 on the April 28, 2008 "Magic" show in Greensboro, NC for the setlist has a great mix. To much of my complete attentive yet total jaw dropped surprise as well as astonished, the title track "Magic" was performed with a huge nod to "No Highway".
So, I'm happy, to tell the truth, GreasyLake.Org yanked my legit post as if someone is scared of management, and certainly my "To Bill Lets Rock Bruce Springsteen” autograph is now more than ever, a contract of sorts even if he never once imagined back in spring of 1983 I'd cover he and he'd cover me too much less to be on the internet.

"Act Of Mercy" is a first time performance of mine, captured live on stage with a packed loud audience at the Prodigal Son coffee house, late summer 2003. By summer 2004, I heard Bruce cover most of it via satellite radio while pumping gas I stood there alone in Hyannis listening to his added drums, guitar and bass to the harmonica and vocals that sounded note for note as I did it originally. Shortly thereafter, word got out that Bruce sound checked a new song, a mix of "Thunder Road" & "Badlands" in 2004 during the Vote For Change tour. and it may be on Tracks II I heard and read circa 2016. Both songs amply match the flow of mine.

If so, firstly, he's got my permission, that is guaranteed, secondly, I am approachable, as he no doubt has got little to do compared to the titan sized demand for his attention, I guess it's a part of maximizing and the ability to simplify life, as easy as operating an email program, much less build one and hand it out to all.

"Letter To You" is the clear runaway favorite of America right now in places thieves and borrowers and buyers frequent and I anticipate a Grammy winning performance, contrary to my slam of the release a month ago. It speaks as any unique familiar Bruce & Co album does and entirely moves note for note. The opening track is the best I've heard as such since he showed guts with "Ain't Got You" being almost entirely a vocal piece.

So, ya, Bruce, 'Kudos" and expect a completely all out rock and roll on par with your E Street release coming from me in under 3 years contrary to the "Nebraska" meets "Devils & Dust" album of mine everywhere known as "Outshining The Sun" by William Mahler

That fellow Bruce fans is coming from me, a quiet guy that got lucky today and yanked a prize of a live concert out of Bruce's catalog and is never ever going to forget it too. LOL

William Mahler Cape Cod, MA