Music and me are kindred karma ying yang blood and soul spirits always have been am now and forever will be throughout endliess time. "McKenzie" of Massachusetts and a member of OKCupid I found to be a Mass kindred spirit to my one time secret crush and musical inspiration Chantal Kreviazuk and her song of devotion, love, faith and endless dedication of her lover, in the smash, "In This Life" from 2003's "What If It All Means Something" of which was my musical girlfriend in the form of both a CD and MP3 and news of Chantal and an email to compliment her and let her know "In This Life" is so inspiring, I recorded "Let Me Show You" a song that perhaps only I can say where and how it is much like Chantals song long before she and anyone else could actually make a audio and lyrical connection but it's there. McKenzie at 25 and in Allston is very much physically similar to Chantal but entirely uniquely her own pretty self and perhaps, can give me reason to laugh hysterically again at the littlest things, something she loves about stand up comedy. Its a message in her OkCupid box like the dozens of unique individual thought out intros that never hint at being a sexual male pig or stuck up snobby male idiot imho. I get that from reading posts here, there and listening to good honest music like Chantals "In This Life" and sometime in your near future life, you tune into "What If It All Means Something" by Chantal Kreviazuk.