Since AM mono radio was the local norm on Cape Cod, my native land, legendary artists such as Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynne & Dolly Parton filled my youth day in day out. Come school, choral was always a looked forward to aspect of life throughout 12 years of education. I found my way by banging on pots and pans, paint cans, suitcases and homemade guitars always screaming myself silent to music loud enough neighbors heard several streets away. By the mid seventies, attention quickly grew to Barry Manilow, Queen & KISS exclusively owning everything under the sun while my family bought me LP's even when they didn't have enough for gas seemingly at the end of the day so as I could immerse myself in an effective lesson of straight rock and roll. Guitar, trumpet lessons came and went always learning from Ace, Gene, Paul, Peter, Brian, John, Roger, Freddie & Barry the nanosecond a song came to light in varying means. My first band was Demilictor as manager and light man. Then the local scene got big with metal band Sweet Revenge as I sat in to play seemingly for centuries but lasting a few hours at a time. By 1981 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band became my primary focus with anthems such as "Reason To Believe", "My Fathers House" & "Adam Raised A Cain" supplying my current to the time story in music. A drummer friend of mine since age 16 Terry, we used to walk ten miles to and ten miles fro to play with Dennis in his cellar for a couple of years. Just the three of us, a Marshall stack for Dennis, a Pearl set for Terry and a small crate for my vocals as we hammered out KIss, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dio, Dokken, ACDC, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Guns -N- Roses, The Who and more. It it ended one Halloween weekend when like the finale in a fireworks display, it was if a cast of hundreds descended upon Dennis's cellar and we created every known piece of every genre to exist coming out to this very day beyond that 1987 night celebrating early my 20th birthday. The reality is, we never played again but it sure was a Narnian experience real time on Cape Cod as it had with Sweet Revenge in Hyannis and several times within the Mahler family gatherings as a child. To say the least, I am overflowing with God's gift of musicality and deja-vu.

My first real song is "All Through The Night" written after my parents separation circa 1980. Others followed such as "Runaway On Wheels" & "Hit The Highway" but only "All Through The Night' remains to this day to a new version recorded with a loose interpretation by Queen circa 1988 with "Hang On In There" and Queen & Paul Rodgers in 2008 on their critical success "The Cosmos Rocks' in the form of "Through The Night", a gift to Roger for all the music I borrowed. Bruce Springsteen once gave me an autograph that states "To Bill Bruce Springsteen Lets Rock" and in so many ways we have as "Freedom" 09/19/01 and its tower one solo became his 2005 Grammy nominated "Devils & Dust' tower two solo. "Act Of Mercy" entirely became his complete with drums, bass, boards and guitar as heard via satellite radio 2004. Rumored to be on his "Tracks II" and also the catalyst for 2008's "Gypsy Biker". Blackmore's Night did myself and my then in-laws , business partners, mentors Janet & Chris Morris complete justice with their 2003 instrumental "Ghost Of A Rose" release entitled "Mr. Peagram's Morris & Sword" . Melissa Etheridge & U2 both created their male & female takes on relationships with works that followed "Act Of Mercy" with "Mercy". as both versions are huge fan favorites. Bruce Springsteen surprised me with an acoustic intro note for note nod to "No Highway" with his live rendition of "Magic" in Greensboro, North Carolina April 28, 2008.

The entire "Outshining The Sun" pays homage to my AM radio roots and the process took part during 2001 - 2004 in the legendary magical, karma friendly coffee house of Hyannis, the now defunct "Prodigal Son" during open microphone nights sometimes with less than 10 people to overflow by the hundreds streaming into the streets and sardines in a can scenarios took place. Sting, Bono, Larry Mullen, Al Pacino, Jamie Moises & Brian May & Mr. Mercury reincarnated easily fit in with the crowd without so much as one request for an autograph or being vocally recognized for who they were, making the place all that more like "this is home" approach by Shelley & David, the owners and operators of the legendary place. Some songs were created straight on the streets of Hyannis and the town green and some songs were made in my home makeshift studio where spending overbudget was well worth every penny of my labor of love. My now ex-wife Leonda Emmerich played a huge role in everything I did, always supportive without complaint to the point of letting herself be the focal point of my first album cover. Some songs are one of a kind, never get that chance to recreate due to the circumstances such as the precognitive ""Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home):, "No Highway", "Living Lies (Headed To Louisiana)" and "Merry Christmas To You" All songs were first take cuts of first time ever performances with only other 3 songs prepared with lyrics ahead of time. Can you guess which ones? I'm planning to record an album that pays complete homage to my idols and most importantly those who raised me and stuck with me thick and thin and it's my way of complete truth about the Cape Cod & Islands leadership in health care and law enforcement that is my way of revenge and they got it coming big and as big as Bin Laden had it coming only it's in music.