As my Freemake Video/Audio converter creates an MP4 of the hour long 2020 Stand Up For Heroes while I type, I sit here with wet cheeks and a reason to smile and be sad, a mix of emotions of my 53rd birthday today and more.

When "Letter To You" was unofficially released to the internet in full, I had it in less than 12 hours. Here's how Bruce, you get paid. First, I thought he really ate it big with "House Of A Thousand Guitars" and publicly let it be known at fansite GreasyLake.Org discussion forums as probably the worst song on the whole album, now I sit thinking from the Stand Up For Heroes performance of the one of two tracks performed, it's an autobiography of a song and for that reason he chose to play the song acoustic with Patti of whom I publicly blasted Bruce for largely ignoring throughout his career going on to say his belief is woman is to be seen, not heard and in this case, "in the kitchen". Well, its evident, after that post in GreasyLake.Org, the main stream press had not one but two full page stories targeting Bruce & Patti as a tag team duo that cannot survive without each other and through thick and thin, head over heels in love with each other as it was evident in Patti's front and center appearance at Bruce's side on the bar floor during the special.

I don't bring it up often online but in 2016 I found myself homeless and didn't like that fact but kept my head up and made the absolute best time of my life of it in shelters of Boston, Fall River, meeting people, complete strangers and it was only my fault for getting into scraps that I could've avoided. I remember my mother placing in to my hand a bottle of water and shutting her door to me, outside at least 5 miles from Hyannis where I was conceived in November 21, 1967. "Long Walk Home" is my favorite "Magic" track now more than ever and was Bruce's 2nd choice for acoustic lovely spot on performance. The whole song resonated with me gearing me up for a response I didn't see coming.

I sat there listening to Sheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, Jon Stewart, Tiffany Haddish and the founder of Craigslist. Robin Williams, do you know he's got a complete doppelganger whom had a stroke, uses a cane and was in a bar with me for over an hour in Hyannis years after Robins death? He sat there alone amongst us friendly strangers at the Duck Pub Inn, nursing a mixed drink at the bar with maybe 6 other people including the bartender named Brandy. When I got to acting like a nerd and said "you look exactly like Robin Williams", within 2 minutes he was finishing his drink and seconds later, he limped out with a cane as Brandy said "have a nice afternoon Robin" to that he smiled.

"Long Walk Home" hit home today, a stranger amongst my own hometown and sitting with a stranger, "Robin" seemingly he faked his death rather than face the world as a stroke victim but let's just believe he's looking like RIP Robin Williams, a long walk home.

"See You In My Dreams". That's the song Patti got up close to Bruce's microphone and together they countered each others words in unison and solo during the chorus making this a interpersonal love song that speaks fluently as a more than coherent resignation to the eventual day when both of them are in Rock & Roll Heaven with the troops of whom the whole hour long special is for.

As for you the troops, my step brother a Persian Gulf War Army Airborne Ranger / MP / Intelligence / Armor veteran, as myself not there but honorably discharged from the National Guard serving stateside and out in June 1988, to my uncle whom died in Vietnam, to my stepfather a officer on a tin can in the Pacific during peace time to my best friend and mentor a Army medic that suited up as a Jewish American in a Nazi SS uniform to go undercover to Argentina looking for Hitler and Nazis, (he massacred them with his bare hands so the story goes), to you the soldiers who are here in the states, I thank you for your efforts to keep me and everyone else relatively at peace here in the States and let this be known thanks to the troops, America can be at odds with each other at bloody odds with each other instead of executed for not being Communist enough here in what would be The United Union Of Amerika.

A shout out goes to my ex in-laws, business partners and mentors Janet & Christopher Morris, their one on one mentor former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency Ray S. Cline and everyone who dared to create art and music. IF not for you, there'd would have been no dead center bullseye sixteen years and two week ahead of time first hand complete buried in book and music knowledge of the greatest American tragedy since the Revolution of America's independence, September 11, 2001. Honestly are Janet, Chris and I purposely to feel we three are the only ones that had to say the least an inkling of knowledge in summer 1984? We did and I am convinced we are not alone but yet I am to this day not knowing of anyone who really did. Isolation will do that to you be it by Gods design or your own. "Long Walk Home" indeed Bruce.

William K. Mahler
Cape Cod, MA.