www.globe.com is deceptively advertising as a perk to becoming a digital subscriber, I'll have full access to a discussion board. So, for $1 dollar got six months, an offer "just for me" they said. Upon paying the dollar, I found zero anywhere at all a discussion board. Customer service via the phone says I can leave a comment. I don't want to comment on Mike Cambells "Dirty Knob" recordings as good as he is, I want to relate to readers in a discussion forum the topics that matter to me and clearly that's exactly how the advertisement read that the Boston Globe used to lure me in. In addition to their false advertising, the only way to get my dollar back is via phone.

What a pathetic excuse for the advertising lure and hook the otherwise good Globe is. Don't fall for it, it's not worth the aggravation in addition to your individual story won't be heard.

William Mahler