Not here to boast but consider that my digital release first hit the wave and net back circa 2001 - 2004 and has more than 1,600 streams in less than this month alone from ReverbNation, odds are, a all out full band effort of old and new should take place.

There is a newly built top tier establishment known as in the right ventrical heart of touristy mid Cape Cod of Massachusetts. So big in fact, it seems Queen is backing this eatery/pro studio, 100 seat venue around since earlier 2020 but due to Covid is yet to open for business as a eatery and performance venue.

I've got a great engineer and more in Anthony Bonelli as he is a Berklee grad who at one time shortly before Covid19 operated the most economically friendly studio in all of Cape Cod & The Islands at Mode4Music. Before time takes his Alzheimer's mind, I will approach drummer and singer Lou Cataldo legendary to Massachusetts for "Space Pussy", "The Freeze" & "Stillwater" to name a few of his dozens of all genre efforts spanning decades. So, nothing in written contract yet, just the plan of releasing a full band album, at least 20 songs for little purchase price to the consumer as it should be. 27 songs 2 1/2 hours of "Outshining The Sun" goes for no more than $9.95 everywhere and not a dime reported just massive airplay in places where I get noticed by the big leagues, from the kid in his bedroom to the media giants on par with Billboard, Rolling Stone & New York Times too.

I'd be perfectly content to have a mini disc recorder and electronic condenser microphone strategically placed in a loud warehouse or garage only to release that officially.

So, if you think you can remain sober, care to put your life story into a piece that takes aim at the completely wrong side of law enforcement and medical care...find me.

William Mahler
Cape Cod, MA.

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