In 1950 the city of Philadelphia, USA, gave Berlin, Germany a bell they called the "Freedom Bell". It's in the Rathaus, Schoneberg in West Berlin.
They usually only ring it at noon, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.
They rang it today.

The world saw us suffering and felt for us. The world are not our enemies. We are all in this together, planet-wide. We all breathe the same air. It's important that we all have clean air to breathe. We all live with the same water. It's important that we all have clean water. We all live with rain, or drought, heat, or cold, wind, and share the very dirt with every other living thing. It's important that all living things have a habitat they can survive and thrive in, including their political and commercial 'environment'.
Thank you Berlin, for ringing your Freedom Bell. There is hope.

A meme said, "So live your life, that when you lose your job, the whole world doesn't dance in the streets."

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?