The whisky lost its savor, the couch offers no rest
Cigarettes don't feel right anymore 
No reason to argue, no weight upon my chest 
Since I packed my bags and hit the door

Seems like something's missing without your complaining
But my soul says there's nothing wrong
Freedoms intuition is choosing my direction
My rearview doesn't point where I belong

I've traded all my memories for a little bit of sanity 
A foolish waste of time for peace of mind
Dreams are just desire failing to let hope set sail 
I no longer have the heart to be unkind 
Goodbye's the only mercy I can find

Faded pictures of a day, your touch would give me courage
I haven't felt so hopeful in a while 
Time is a cruel teacher, now it's plain to see
So much naivety in a smile 

The road leads me away, chasing down the day 
Blue skies encourage me to roam
No reason to feel guilty for nothing left to say
Or never feeling like I was home