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Mariana Risquez
′′ The New Queen of Latin Soul ′′
Mariana Rísquez is a Venezuelan Singer-Songwriter of soul, jazz, pop and Latin genres. Thanks to her virtuosity she has become known as ′′ The New Queen of Latin Soul ".
Mariana is also a visual artist, founder and director of the Artenitta Artistic Production project available on social media as @Artenitta.
Since adolescence she dedicated herself almost exclusively to her humanistic studies, art, singing, writing, educational psychology, guidance of children and young people. In 2008, she won the award for Best Songwriting as a Venezuelan theme song for the Beijing (China) Olympic Games, coordinated by the Venezuelan Olympic Committee.
She has been recognized in the music and entertainment industry in her country as an exclusive artist of Radio Caracas Television (RCTV), thanks to the Academy of Fame and Applause. She is a multi-genre writer, vocalist and interpreter, as well as a music theme creator
Original for radial stations, TV commercials and shows.
She also stood out as a Songwriter for various producers, creating three musical themes of TV series and writing song lyrics for fellow performers.
She toured all Venezuela as a vocalist accompanying outstanding artists on tours and concerts, performed in several cities, theatres, popular festivals, sporting events, coliseums and other important places in the Caribbean country.
After successfully launching her solo career in 2012, with ′′ The Colors and Melodies of My Expressions ′′-display of visual arts and music -, Mariana moved to Michigan, USA in 2013 with a well deserved break, to reboot in March 2017 with the recording of their first live album.
Mariana Risquez surprised the ′′ Great Lakes State ′′ with her Latin soul proposal. The Venezuelan artist offered an exclusive concert in which she explored different fused Latin American genres
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with soul, pop and rock, in the nextwave media lab auditorium in Troy City.
This Hispanic continues to make her way in the United States with Venezuela with African fusions and rhythms as her letter of introduction. For more information about her, you can follow her on social media like @MarianaRisquez (Twitter and Facebook) and @MarianaRisquezQueen (Instagram). Visit their website: www.MarianaRisquez.com

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