c2019 Brian Beecher

When Iím with you
Thereís a feeling of
Optimism in the air

I believe I can
Take on the world
When you show me that you care

Thereís a chance that I can overdo
Take on too many things to do
When Iím around you

I have a tendency
To promise more
Than I deliver still

Iíll take some time
Out for myself
But Iím not over the hill

Otherwise itís difficult
To be present for one that I love
Being around you

Trying to stay grounded
For balance and calm
With other folks today

Once the bell rings
Iím back in control
Come to you without delay

Use this energy to explore
My feelings once Iím at your door

Some honest talk
Will soon take place
With an introspective feel

Ready to dive deep
And then explore
To see if our love is real

All that will emerge
Up from the depths
Soulful discussions do our best