A young boy was out walking by the meadow in the sun,
When a clever friendly coyote came abounding on the run.
“Follow close behind me doing what I say to do!
The wolves that now pursue me will be happy to eat you!”

They ran as fast as lightning when some howling could be heard.
They paused up on the high ground watching close without a word,
The coyote took advantage of the place where she could see,
The wolves had just divided into packs as few as three.

“They're hoping to surround us and attack us from all sides!
Crouch low and stay behind me for there isn't time to hide!”
Down the hill they bounded on the very path they came,
The young boy’s heart was pounding for this surely was insane!

The young boy’s mind was thinking that the coyote lost her head!
He cursed his friend and then himself for doing what she said!
“Prepare to fight!” the coyote yelled! For now we’ll make them pay!
Wolves will be surprised when we attack them as our prey!”

A pair of wolves fell quickly taken fully by surprise,
Another ran to reunite the others for reprise,
The coyote and the young boy were now able to escape,
The leader of the wolf pack stood amazed with mouth agape.

“I’ve never been so scared or ran so fast as I did now!”
The young boy puffed exhausted, “And I can't imagine how,
We managed to escape the wolves when we were surely doomed,
How could you lead us down the very path pursuers loomed?”

Said the coyote, “If we waited we would surely be a meal,
I'm sure you're in agreement, the idea holds no appeal!
The wolves divided briefly to rejoin upon attack,
Never thinking we would charge a smaller unsuspecting pack.”

“Though you did not know my thinking you obeyed through thick and thin,
You did so through your faith and that's what helped us both to win.
Attacking from the high ground gave advantage to our band.
Our ally was surprise and gave us both the upper hand.”

“If you do the unexpected when you think there is no hope,
You revitalize your courage and the wherewithal to cope.”