An elephant bull
was a rebel in youth
And had a difficult
time with the truth,

That the unity practiced
by those in the wild
Had to be strictly
instilled in each child.

Just as soon as he had
to a full stature grown
He left the great heard
and struck out on his own

Saying “I am an elephant
bull large and strong
And all animals fear me
so what could go wrong?”

“Am I not the largest
of beasts on the land?
Don’t my tusks and my
trunk guarantee upper hand?

And what greater courage
could ever be shown
than that of a renegade
bull on his own?

So the years passed him by
and no family had he,
Not a mate, or a friend,
or a calf came to be,

To share all the triumphs
and buffer the aches,
He grew hard with the
bitterness loneliness makes

One hot summer day
his great thirst was so strong,
He was not thinking clearly
when something went wrong,

As the water he stood in,
as deep he did drink,
Was a cover for quicksand
and down he did sink.

Disbelief was the first thing
that came to his mind,
For surely no mud
could an elephant bind!

He struggled and jerked
every limb all in vain
When his fear overtook him
he cried out in pain!

He lifted his trunk
and his trumpet did sound,
And the cry from his soul
could be heard miles around,

And a herd of his kind
came and formed a great chain,
And united they pulled
him to safety again.

He learned family ties
aren’t to choke, chafe or bind,
but instead bring a sense
of belonging to mind.

Where each member is loved,
no conditions to meet,
where each does their part
to keep harmony sweet.

This is something all creatures
above and below
On the land, in the sky
and the waters all know.

We see the example
In all Natures plan,
From the creatures of earth
To the family of man.

That we’ll all be connected
Like husband and wife,
Close together in love,
In the dance we call life.