Iíll share a little story
of a sloth with just two toes,
Though slow and quite lethargic
his new reputation grows.

The sloth began descending
from his home atop a tree,
Deciding it was safe to go,
no trouble did he see.

But he had taken so much time
to make his downward trip,
A swift and hungry leopard
would soon have him in her grip.

The sloth was not aware
until he felt her mighty claws,
She grabbed his waist while clamping
on his backside with her jaws.

He slowly gripped a higher branch
and tried his best to rise,
Determined that his fear and doubt
would not be his demise.

Rear paws were all that held her
to the tree under her prey,
And looking down the Sloth
was slowly putting plans in play.

He loosed his grip with sudden slip
and to the catís dismay,
Unable to support the weight,
she felt her paws give way.

Still locked onto the slothís behind,
she landed underneath,
And with the impact on the ground
she lost all of her teeth.

Sheís on a liquid diet now,
and has been since the day,
Creative problem solving
helped a sloth to get away.