When You Said Hello.

When you said hello I was startled and taken aback
I was about to leave and my mind was on a Dylan track
Burlys bar had closed and crowd was thinning down
A merry Irishman was singing Dirty Old Town,
You looked prettier than Liz playing Cleopatra
And I felt as handsome as Frank Sinatra
In that precious moment all those years ago
My life gained credence when you said hello.

When you said hello I revelled in your sparkle
I felt unbeatable like the great champion Frankel
Sweet melodies echoed from your vocal chords
With something mysterious that I leaned towards,
Your smile cut through like Moses parting the sea
My heart had never felt that much activity
From the static view of my lonely plateau
I saw a dynamic future when you said hello.

I felt luckier than a lottery winner
And that feeling grew and grew
Cause if I had left a second earlier
I wouldnít have fallen in love with you

When you said hello time adopted irrelevance
The thrill of your presence eclipsed immense
Thereís no poem Shakespeare could create
That could capture the beauty you radiate,
In the bleary remnants of closing time
You filled my world with glorious sun shine
They tore Burlys down and built a bungalow
Still I cherish the scene when you said hello.

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