It’s May 1st and it’s Mayday
where folks from
all around the Earth
come together and celebrate
the glorious rebirth of Spring
remodeling everything
that the cruel Winter claimed
that the cruell winter claimed
in it’s very cold grasps
but there’s unity in all communities
sharing immunities at last
for many months to come,
from cabin fevers that faded fast
in the snow replaced by grass
As tiny tots dance and worship the sun
its fingers of warmth blessing everyone
and adults all live vicariously
in watching children leap in puddles
as they splash and dash with no rebuttals
and no impunities, for the opportunities
to spread bare toes in yesterday’s rains
that will dry on their feet
only to be wet again
a baptism of seasonal bliss
for each girl and boy
much like we too all knew such joy
in the Springs of our youth
in the Springs of our youth- so long ago.....
(bird Song)
Birds chirp and gossip over clothes lines
Daffodils butter the greens like tiny suns
while butterflies flutter and hummingbirds Hum
as a warm breeze beelines
to spread its honeyed warmth
on all those who’ve come
out of their cloistered existence
eager to distance themselves
from the persistent frigid days
of a Winter now passed away
of a Winter now passed away
and so they celebrate in May
on the very first day
the grand hopes of a new season
that has come to frolic and play
frolic and play.....
As ancient as the Neanderthals
who huddled for warmth
in cold cave walls,
Till Spring brought release
from the long winter squalls
and set them free....
and so it goes on endlessly
As faithful as an old who comes round to call
May 1st is God’s blessing.... a sweet gift for all.
a sweet gift for all.

Stellar music composed and played by-
Ingvar Tautra -from Norway–©-2020
Vocals & lyrics written and sung by
Matthew F. Blowers III –©-2020
Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay