Here's an excerpt and the tail end of an email from Michael Johnathon I thought you might enjoy, with some links to get your Woodsongs fix. He's the host of the shows at the Lyric Theater, now closed like everything else. We're all in this together. Hang in there Kentucky!

We have some good things you might be interested in, especially on the Woodsongs YouTube channel. If you subscribe to the page, every Monday evening you will get a text announcement of a new show being put up for the channel. Most recently fans got to enjoy the WoodSongs 1000th broadcast with Riders in the Sky, the RFD broadcast of Walden for Earth Day, and new shows that have not even aired yet. Bryan Klausing, Jerome Gallt and Isaac May have done a wonderful job keeping the broadcast up-to-date, all complements to them for their grand effort.

Just go to this link to sign up, watch what you want and stay part of the WoodSongs community ... it's all free:

And the tail end:
I guess what I'm writing here is a letter to all people that I care about. You, your families and friends, fans of the show, audience members and partners that I've known for years. There's so much good and beautiful in this life and we need to stay focused on those good things. Don't let the iron borders of isolation make you think otherwise. Life is a gentle Garden that needs to be nurtured and cultivated, cared for and tended so that in later years the harvest of everything we've done will be there for us.

During traumatic times, like what is happening around the world now, can sometimes make us lose sight of the good things that we have and the need to protect the harvest of what our lives mean. Destroying things out of anxiety, boredom and isolation helps no one.

Nobody knows what the next few months will bring, all we can do is stay positive and healthy, and determined to do what is right. Will Woodsongs be back? I certainly hope so. Will I be able to go back performing concerts and working to provide for my family again? I certainly hope so. Will you and I be able to visit over apple pie and coffee at a hometown cafe? Lord, how I miss that. And I miss you.

Here in Kentucky we have a very capable, caring and steady Governor. In Lexington we have a very kind and pro-active Mayor. If you see something you disagree with, exercise your right to speak up ... protest, but please use kindness. Don't dishearten those doing their best by acting your worst. Contribute solutions, don't be destructive. The screamers and angry folks never solve anything, they just make more stress and noise. Words matter and this is a time when we all need to be helpful, co-operative and understanding.

So stay positive, stay strong, be safe, be careful, stay on your own front porch ... and wash your hands after every song.

Michael Johnathon
from the Log Cabin

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