Only You

Ravens fly in overhead, like thoughts seeping from my head, and blackbirds, screaming inaudible words,
Life is a sucker-punch, there is only one, not zero, there are no heroes,
Just life the game, every rule is the same, do not feel happy, only feel pain,
And when the melody plays, the darkness comes and stays, and the night is never going away,
And I think, thought of the play, to dream away, the ghosts, the empty rooms,


A million people in nirvana couldn't see tomorrow come, the way I've become to realize,
There is no beauty to lies, only deceit, there is no joy to paint, only the dirty game,
And when the way I feel becomes too real, I can only drop to my heel,
If life was a butterfly to capture, there would be nothing left but the rapture,
And my mind is a splintered organism, my soul and heart, a metal prison


The melody of life plays on, with and without me, because there are only things to feel,
Like how I chase you, yet I can not find you, like how true it is, that I love you,
And to be more than a beggar at your door, to be more than a kid at war,
To see the sunrise and watch it set, if only for once, to know the beauty of being,
But I never do, I just sit limp, wondering thoughts about you, till my face and eyes are cold blue,


And the mystery of the science is blind to me, I just know how much I want you,
nothing left but a forgotten man's lonely breath, nothing more than a locked and worn out door,
And my mind is a cage, my soul a torn page, and there is nothing left but empty pointless rage,
As the world flies, my soul slowly dies, as my hands tremble and my mind begs the gods for a day,
Without this, with you, and only you.

Antony R Wells