No Goodbyes

I've seen suns set, nowhere but my mind, I've found things others will never find,
To be free is to be blind, to be me is to be too much the lost kind,
As a dream worth dreaming is dying, like the angels are crying, and the storms rising,
And tomorrow captures me like the pawn on the chessboard, if only there was more than sky and lord,
But we're just victims of our own hubris, too much the soldier, too much the warrior, to be the lover,


And when vanilla skies and crimson suns fade into view, thinking about you is all my tiny little mind can do,
To be happy is to be with you, there are no other paths, there are no other laughs,
As my soul fights for substance and meaning, I see a black sky coming, a dark world forming,
And terror my joy, life my toy, I've been falling ever since I was a lonely little boy,


There are no goodbyes, only tears to cry, only questions why, as we part like day and night,
And the sky too bright to see, the stars too far to be, the world too lost to me,
all I can be is your stranger, in this town of lies, in this world of deceit and treachery,
ain't no love left, no time for crosswords, just broken birds, flying nowhere
And the cost of life is death, that is all I know, and the cost of my dreams are sadness, that is all I know

Verse 3)

To live in a free world is a dream not worth dreaming, for it could never exist,
To be free in this terror is a vanity too vain to be, it is no more than fog in the mist,
As we cross the bridges, walk the roads, and climb the buildings of our mind and soul,
To find each other, will never be, because this is just me, not you, not your dream, not your thing,
And so I wander alone like the sinking stone, all up by the moonlight, chasing ghosts and shadows

Antony R Wells