I got an email from Merchly.
As some of you consider your transition from musical hobbyist to performing artist, and to becoming a 'company' engaged in commerce, you might want to consider 'Merchandising' as part of what you 'sell'. Beyond what a venue pays you to perform there are other things you can sell to increase the night's revenue.
Hard-copy CD's may still be the mode of 'consumption' for some in your audience.
Downloads may be preferred by others. Download cards and USB's, custom made, are available from CD Baby.
Merchly seems focused on wearables, hats, t-shirts, hoodies. All of that can be sold at your 'Merchandise Table'.
A man playing in a band from my local area, The Whiskey River Band, told me he started silk-screening t-shirts and was making more money with it than he did playing in the band. Compare what you're making, playing, and imagine doubling it.

Here's Merchly's email:
We all love music. So much that listening grows into a lifestyle, making it important you connect with fans even when you’re not performing—and that’s where we come in. Merchly makes it easy and affordable to support your music career with custom merch. You can easily create and order t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and bags customized with your band logo or design.

Why trust us, Gary?

Better prices. Bigger profit. All of our merch is affordable, so you can pull in more dollars at the end of the night.
Down with the quickness. Successful artists stay on the move. And our fast turn times can keep up with your busy schedule no matter where you’re headed next.
Free shipping on every order. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing a bar or an arena, your order gets delivered for free.
It’s all guaranteed. If something goes wrong, we’ll make it right. Your neighbor with a silkscreen press in his garage doesn’t offer that.

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