I have known about the CAGED method of learning the movable chords shapes all over the guitar. But I have been spending a little more time looking at "partial" movable chord shapes. Why? Because the full chords are hard to play outside of the root position (think the G-shape, the C-minor shape and a few others). I am re-learning this because I joined http://www.activemelody.com to improve my guitar sensibility and playing. Also learning all five patterns of the pentatonic scale and how they relate to C, A, G, E and D chords (and the minors, too).

Here's a quick (incomplete) diagram I made showing some moveable partial chord shapes. I hope it is useful (if it works as an image).

For example see the gminor shape. At the 3rd fret it is a Gminor chord -- at the 7th fret, those three notes are a Bminor chord (and also a D6 chord -- but that is a discussion for another day).

[Linked Image]

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