I Can See The Stars From My Cave.

November 2nd, 2062..........

I can see the stars from inside my cave
I own perhaps the first cave room with a view
I don’t know where the hole came from
but it’s welcome…it’s essential
it’s my chimney and my flue
for the fires, I make to keep me warm
and the smoke to sail free as it forms
ventilating as I cook my food
and it brings a little fresh air
when stale odors they intrude
and it makes a perfect shower
when it’s raining I get nude
leaving me a cleaner Dude.
I am a hermit and I live alone
since the world was left an empty stone
of all life but my own…
a virus of an unknown strain
killed every soul but I remain
Alone within this cave, I’ve claimed.
this cave I’ve claimed.

I must avoid all cities
cause the virus still might get me
which of course might be sweet mercy
in this life so cruel that’s cursed me.

But I have seen the pain folks suffered
with no cures nor pills to buffer
how they died in agony
and that’s just not for me.
that’s just not for me.

The food I eat comes from wild beasts
they’re all immune like me
and my water is a spring
quite fresh and pure and cold
I don’t want for anything.

But I crave the better half of life
a pretty lady who might be my wife
and share this empire I own
But I most likely will die alone.

Looking up at the stars above my cave
till my spirit floats away
and I become one
of those distant lights
looking down on earth
both day and night.

Still wishing Earth’s most cruel demise
had gone a different way
But they never really stemmed the threats
of splinter groups and terrorists
leaving earth devoid of any life
except my own
passed by, by all those who passed on
forever and a day leaving me to stay.

Where I can see the stars
from inside my cave
but the heaven of human fellowship
has sadly sailed away
why I was left I do not know
doomed to be a Robinson Crusoe
with no man Friday by my side
or any woman named Tuesday I’m denied.
in my cave room with a view
of my lonely world so Blue…….
in my lonely world so blue……

December 24th, 2062
at least I think it is
Perhaps it’s Christmas Eve?
I can see the stars from inside my cave
like Christmas lights, they dot the sky
through my chimney and my flue.

in my cave room with a view
of my lonely world so blue
In my lonely world so blue…
“Why was I left so alone here
My God, my God. my God!!!????
so blue……………………………..”

Music created played and arranged by-
Ingvar Tautra –©-2019
Vocals Lyrics & melody line by-
Matthew Frederick Blowers III-©-2019