Small Talk.

Let’s just make small talk,
go for a short walk
and share some quick kisses
in between our adjectives,
trading what was perhaps vindictive
for what is far more attractive
Just sharing the joy our love gives
because we both have taken long walks
and suffered through long talks
when our love’s been on the rocks.

But making up is the taking up
of love is finest gifts,
when love becomes temperamental
full of downtimes and rifts
but there’s no need to ponder
grief we’ve known…let it wander
far from us…way down yonder
and just blow it a farewell kiss.
there’s no need to re-miss
all of our love’s sweet bliss
So let’s make small talk
and let’s go for a short walk
and share some sweet kisses
in between our adjectives
it’s the only way to live and love
between what seems
attractive or vindictive
love survives just one day at a time
by compromising, realizing
even in trying times
that I will still be yours
and you will still be mine.
(repeat 3 times.)

Music created, played and arranged
by-Ingvar Tautra-(c)-2019
Vocals, Lyrics and Melody line
by-Matthew F. Blowers III-(c)-2019