Fear Not The Polar Night-(such darkness touches all.)
(spoken intro for live performance)

Darkness has a weakness which few realize.......
It falters and fades when thereís love in your eyes.
even blind folks have shepherds that their love extends to
who lead them through their lives in all that they do
and the lonely can seek love that hides in the eyes
of other folks who are lonely and give their love a try
know that any depression can be seeded and filled
by anotherís compassion who can share love thatís tilled
and evil no matter how vile cruel or bent
can be granted forgiveness if the evil repent
and amend all the ways that they failed to obey
the rules that bring light which will brighten their days
but they must mend their ways and find ways to repay
all of those that they hurt, then the darkness will fade.

ďMorketid.Ē-The Polar Night.Ē

Letís raise a toast to the Morketid)
That unfathomable darkness
where daylight will bleed
completely away, sixty days as it leaves
us all bathed together in its deep ebony.
Letís drink hail and hearty to the love that we
will share with our families and friends whoíll be
always warmed in the sun that exudes from our hearts
till the long days and nights of darkness depart
We are Norwegians from Vikings of old
we thrive by our fellowships in the bitter cold
though cursed by curtains of ink that unfold
we make huge bonfires, and enjoy stories told
of all those from before us,
we sing ancient songs in a chorus
and with joy, we make the night our friend
knowing in two months endless nighttime will end
itís the only way to cope when daylight elopes
with the stars way up high,
itís only their gleam that illuminates our eyes
unless clouds block the skies

Weíre not the only ones in this darkness we bear
all those left alone have a darkness they share
for the sun much like love can vanish away
leaving folks in the shadows
where loveís sunbeams donít play
We are blessed with just two months
some must live their whole lives
beneath cloaks of depression,
where they fight to survive
and evil consumes those
who fall to its lures
itís the darkest of a darks,
the absence of pure
there are blind men and women
who have never seen light
from their moment of birth
till their eternal night.
And we must not forget
when our frail eyes fall closed
with our last gasp of breath
darkness sets free our souls
some go into the light
and are swept to a place
where darkness will never
more shadow their face.
others tremble in knowing
that demons await
to yank them into black pits
filled with sorrow and hate
where the darkness is eternal
and the suffering great.

Most of Earthís Animals know darkness as a friend
itís the time when they feed, on its cloak they depend
for the daylight brings huge men with bows they can bend
and sticks that go bang, bringing creatures their end.
so they seek out the darkness of sleep through the day
with their plump bellies sated in the places they lay.
but the best gift of all each night as darkness falls
on each and every human being that answers itís calls
is just sleep that allows weary bodies to rest
but their minds hold a cinema where their brain cells are blessed
with the magic of dreams, wondrous visions expressed
till they wake up at daylight relaxed and refreshed.

So letís all raise a toast to the Morketid
and share buttered promises to let our love lead
us all through the darkness helping those who are lost
sharing love with the handicapped who bear their albatross
Hunting only when hungry so that animals lost
will not lead to extinction with dead carcasses tossed
and fight back against evil dealing judgment thatís due
hoping theyíll seek repentance and begin life anew.
then when we fall asleep we will all be more blessed
with sweet dreams, not insomnia,
getting so much more rest.

Stellar music created, played and arranged by-
Agnostura Elwar (a Norwegian)-©-2019
Vocals, lyrics, and melody line by-
Matthew Frederick Blowers III Ė©-2019

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