Early Morning Blues.

Early morning blues
come to pester me
they are festering
and pressuring my mood
into a crude dark beast
as my day ensues
filled with the drudge
of my life reduced
to a hung-over grimace
leaving me unambitious
as I put on my working shoes.
and go out to pay my dues

My alarm clock lies smashed
in the corner of my room
because it had the audacity
to sit there and presume
that I wanted to rise
like a stale corpse exhumed
from my bed shroud entombed.
My cell phone is wailing
alerts to a text
that I’ve already read
and it left me perplexed
with a question from my girlfriend
about abstaining from sex
till I show more commitments
taking much slower steps
till she’s promised a future
some kind of future
and it's hurting my head
Oh, Lord, it's hurting my head

There’s a bottle of whiskey
that’s half drained calling me
to chase that hair of a dog
gnawing so viciously
on the one nerve, I have left
but I must let it be….
being drunk is no answer
to the reality of my cruel misery.

Cause my Early morning blues
will keep pestering me
with it’s festering and pressuring
staying sober’s the key
so I turn from its grief
choosing to set it free’
with a hot cup of coffee
sweetened liberally
and a cigarette’s rush
Just another damn crutch
as I sit in my kitchen
and improve my condition
by getting lost in the haze
of some fond memories
that will help strengthen me
for this day that will be
a less blues filled rendition
for one man on a mission
to face what this day holds
to go out and face what this day holds
a bit more comfortably.
a bit more comfortably
without these Damn Blues
without these damn blues….

Stellar music created,
played and arranged by-
Agnostura Elwar-©-2019
Vocals, lyrics and melody line by-
Matthew Frederick Blowers III-©-2019