There will be no friends for you.
no one left you can share
if you use and abuse them
and youíre never there
when they need you to care
like a good friend should
and a life without Homies
is no damn good.

That kind of loneliness
will eat your soul raw
as you stand and you watch
them all quickly withdraw
talking behind their backs
always jacking your Jaw
violating the rules of
the true friendship lawÖ

Thereís an end found in Friend
itís the fourth, fifth and sixth
letters found in that title
that destroys your friendship
and you will not be sailing
on that ship with your mates
youíll be left six feet under
on your funeral date
with no one standing over
the grave youíll inhabit
No one weeping or wailing
your best friends will be maggots.
if you mess with their lover
youíd best go undercover
lest you feel rageís thunder
and youíre shot by a mugger
a former friend you made suffer
heíll kill you and heíll snuff her.
donít take money from friends
itíll ruin your memory
soon enough youíll be left broke
and reduced to sheer beggary.
Donít you dare offer drugs
that will leave them addicted
till their craving for highs
sends them at you vindictive
with plans that are wicked.
I speak from experience
Iíve sacrificed friends
On the altar of greed
and there are no amends.
Iíve fallen to lust
and left two loveís divided
breaking their bond of trust
and my skull was broadsided
when his fists both collided.
cause my views were short sighted

Cherish all of your friends
treat them all like their blood
like you treat your own mother
or your name will be mud.
[naughty word removed] with friends and be judged
keep the faith in your hood
or youíll wind up no good.
your gonna wind up no good.

Beat & Trap Written, Performed and Arranged by-
the Stellar--J. A Prod. Beat. ©-2019
Vocals, Lyrics and Melody line by
Matthew Frederick Blowers III _(c)-2019
Enjoy and cherish all of your friends.