When I think of all the lonely souls
for centuries passed by
who spent so many endless years
full of tears and empty sighs
who never had a stitch of love
to clothe their needs
all they could do was bleed
all they could do was bleed

And even in the packs of wild animals
there are creatures scorned and shunned
The loving goes to the strong and bold
the aggressive ones

It makes me wonder
why the world is so damned cold
that so many have to
remain alone until they grow old,

This is sound of loneliness
for I have know it's aches
it eats away at your heart and soul
till there's nothing left to take.

There are so many sad
and lonely folks exisiting everywhere
Amidst so many others like themselves
looking for love to share
It's so confusing when you're alone.

And I thank the Lord above
for all the loves I knew
in my time of need.
I only wish there
was a lonely pill
or a magic seed
to cure the world of l
loneliness and all it's pain
But sadly all that remains
are just the lonely...

And I want to shout to the heavens above
"Dear God, Why???"
Guys were meant to be with girls
and girls with guys,
and I hope on the other side of life
the lonely find love waiting there
but they won't know for sure
until they all get there.

It makes me want to cry....
Oh, Dear God, why??
Oh, Dear God, why????

ArtWhimsically Yours Studio
Matthew F. Blowers III (c)-2019

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