Though this one is fiction, it is sadly a far too frequent occurrence.


c2018 Brian Beecher

Lord, another woman taken
There is fear on Fourth Avenue
Thereís been another woman taken
Now thereís fear on Fourth Avenue
Iíve got a woman who lives there
Lord, I donít know what to do

Nora would be feeling ambitious
To get some needed work done
When she was taken from us
Forcibly at the point of a gun
They arrived in the afternoon
Just an hour before the setting sun

Sue had the urge to express herself
And her values passionately
Intensely and possibly
Bordering on obsessively
All was magnified when they found her
Body washed up on a lonely sea

Makes me wonder what you need to say
In all your relationships
Can you express it without controlling
As that could be a fatal slip
Just be careful of that olí wrong crowd
Otherwise you may get hit

Of course there could be some tensions
As a third one now is gone
Though we do not know her name yet
We know she ainít been seen around
Desire to get along with others
This time really brought her down

Folks now if you see my woman
Tell her donít be feeling blue
Say that I am sending for her
Then sheíll know just what to do
And until they catch this killer
Stay away from Fourth Avenue