As I am posting this I think back to the piece I just commented on, and get the notion that we seem to have become both too sensitive and too insensitive at the same time.


c2018 Brian Beecher

You could be feeling sensitive
When you come by where I live
May have been spending too much time
With your friends and loved ones

You said I said something to you
That had caused hurt feelings too
Thinking outside the box can heal
And create forgiveness too

If you feel youíre not appreciated
For all that you do for me
Itís just Iím more the silent type
Though it may bring up anger

Sometimes you need to be recognized
For your contributions to mankind
For six weeks weíve now been apart
So letís kiss and make up tonight

Re-evaluating our relationship
To see what all we came up with
Youíre being asked now to go deep
And come up with solutions

And youíve been there most of the day
Without me anywhere in the way
Now Iíll be by soon after four
And we can share our feelings then