Epiphany In”74.”

I stood at the edge of eternity

and watched as two angels turned to me

and asked me “What I hoped to be

in my afterlife?’

And I said, “I’d Like to be returned

from whence I came.”

And they looked at me

with tears in their eyes

and said, “They’d give it a try.”

And this was back in 1974

when I stood on a main gate

as a U.S. Marine

after someone had come up behind me

and put me in a naked strangle hold!!

I remember blacking out

as I struggled to breath

then I floated high-iiighh

above my still body.

and it was then I realized

some Fucking drunk had strangled me

and so I stood at eternity….

Only 21, my life had just begun

my life…had just begun.

But the I saw a bright light

that made those angels

look like shadows

and he whispered to me,

“My son, it’s not your time yet

but you should never forget

what you have witnessed today.

And I have never forgotten

the sound of his voice

when he gave me that choice

to return again.

And I’ll be ready next time

to greet him like an old friend

when it comes my time

to greet him again…..

Where I’ll stand on the edge of eternity

and say, “Remember me.”

By-Matthew Frederick Blowers III

Art~Whimsically Yours Studio-©-2019

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