Upbeat swing, think "In the mood"... All comments/suggestions welcome smile

So the man with the plan is telliní you
Itís all bad news and nothiní you can do
Well I say thatís fine
Five oíclock Friday Iíll be rolliní
Right on time

Sheíll be standiní at the door
Smile on her face
For goodness sake I canít wait
To hear her say

Life is perfect, Accept it
Nothingís broken, Donít fix it
Never doubt me, Canít change me
Smile and kiss me, You just gottaí love me

My sweet baby gets me through it
Thatís my story and Iím stickiní to it
Yeaí, honey I ainít lyiní
I got the pedal to the metal and a
check in the bank, Iím flyiní