Something most of us, myself included, are not as good at as maybe we should be.

Still working on getting last year's material all up. Can't believe it's been over three months since I have been here.


c2018 Brian Beecher

Sometimes things are better
Without too many words
When itís a good time to
Listen to the sweetest sounds heard

When you find your potential
Is truly untapped
If you spend some time listening
Much more joy you may have
Time to listen
Time to listen

Today is a good day to
Write those messages down
And come up with ideas
To use when you go to town

And share the wisdom with others
Even to joke about
Releases that can happen
When you dance, twist and shout
Time to listen
Time to listen

The elimination process
May force you to redefine
What power means to you
And what you do to unwind

Any blockages on your path
May make you lack what youíve got
It may be time to let it go
And get off the pot
Time to listen
Time to listen
Time to listen
Time to listen