Šluna simone
More than anything
I wish that you
Would understand me
More than many things
I wish that you
Were the only one
For me

But I guess I can't have everything
I guess that as long as seasons change
It's all about turning a new leaf
All I wanna do is stick to my beliefs

More than anything
I wish that life
Would just go my way
More that you'd expect
Or at least accept
It's okay
To act differently

But I guess I'm gonna have to move on
Grow along and leave my problems astray
I know I should focus on independence
But all I really know is to try as I might to just be

More than anything
I honestly wish I was normal
Now I think about it
More than so many gosh darn things
I wish you could come back
To me

But I guess I can't have everything
Yep, not every things in life
I guess if I have to decide
More than anything
I want to love myself patiently.

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