I have only seen this advertised in one obscure place, but I went to the fruit of the loom site and it is there.

There is a 10,000 dollar jingle contest submissions until May 5th. see this link or google or bing fruit of the loom jingle

One winner of the contest will receive 10,000 bucks.

it has a ton of legaleeze, and rules. I'm not a lawyer but it seems ok except for these things...

the submission must be made via instagram and be public.
you in effect must monitor instagram once a day because if they send you message via instagram saying you might be the winner and you don't reply within 24 hours, they move on to some other jingle.
(seems like instagram is getting as much out of this as Fruit of the Loom)

all submissions, both the winning and the countless loosing submissions become their property and in effect you sign over all copyrights.by submitting. so don't use your killer tune for this.

pretty stickly, but atleat no entry fee.

if anyone has the tune, the instagram account, and performance recording ability, I have some pretty good lyrics.

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