Dear Friends,
Here is a song that may put you on the map if you are looking for new material. I originally wrote the song back in 2000 And kinda forgot about it until yesterday. It is based around the Whiffenpoof song circa 1909/1911. It was a Yale U. Sorority Song.
I made a few lyric changes.
If anybody is interested I can send a Song File on Cd. I can issue a Mechanical License and Publishing is also a possibility.

Here it is:

2000 Ray E. Strode

Pre Chorus

I'm a poor little Chad, that's lost
It's way, Ba, Ba, Baa

To the tables down at
Palm Beach,
To the place where Lawyers dwell
To the dear old counters,
counting votes for Al,

Sing the Liberal, Law Ensemble,
with their glasses raised on high,
As all those votes are counted
as the magic of those lawsuits,
Cast their spell,

Yes the magic of of the counting
for the Al we love so well,
shall be waisted thru the morning
and the rest,

We will serenade our Al, while
life and voice shall last,
Then we'll pass and be forgotten
with the rest.

I'm a poor little Chad, who has\lost
it's way, Ba, Ba, Baa.
I'm a little lost Chad, who has gone
astray, Ba, Ba, Baa.

Al, now you've gone off on a spree,
am I doomed to count to eternity,
Won't you have mercy on such as me,
Ba, Ba, baa.

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Ray E. Strode