Not a lot of words rhyme with 'lago'
I could have used a line like
And they call their swamp "El Bogo"
or other words that artificially add an 'oh' to the end of the real word. But I brought in Pepe to get the two word combo of Frog Go

But not everyone is familiar with "Pepe the Frog" so perhaps this tale of the Maggot logo golf resort could use some extra links.
you can find this link and others by searching for 'Pepe Frog White Supremacy"
Pepe started out as a cartoon character for "boys life" magazine. Somewhere along the line it got hijacked into a popular meme for white extremists.

To see how this "links" to trump, just google or Bing "trump Pepe deplorables"
It also will show how Donnie Trump Junior so elegantly proves that old axiom of "the turd doesn't fall far from the Bu++hole"


Maggot Lago
(sung to a lazy calipso rhythm)

There's a place where rich are hotsie totsie
And do the things that you can not see
the wives all used to be good looking
The books and steaks get a good cooking

So sink on down to Maggot Lago
Its where friends of Pepe Frog Go
beaches and guests are nearly all white
And dinner talk is very alt-right.

The front gate she is not broken
That black man there is just our token
He's not a rapper or a raper
Like you, he only robs with paper
Things might get a little sticky
Some of our links were linked to wiki
And if things seem like their all stinkin
It means your doing to much thinkin

(repeat chorus)

money launderers sing hail to the thief
Klansmen salute their grand dragon chief.
There's no remorse, or shame, or guilt at all
So just shut up Jesus just hit the ball
The gas bag spews gas like the south end of a horse
Its all just par for the Maggot Logo course

If you’re an illegal migrant hater
Don't ask too much about your waiter
Our guests profit from fear and hatein
Until the day their chef is Satan

David Hunkins
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I'm a 99 percent inspiration man living in a 99 percent perspiration world..