Isn't this the plight of many of us these days.


c2018 Brian Beecher

Your leavingís got me dragging down with drama
Accusing me of jealousy or control
At one time you were my sugar mama
The one who took me in and made me whole

To see a different way
I had to have my say
Was driving me crazy thatís for sure
But your ongoing love
Is what Iím still dreaming of
If you were to return itíd be the cure

There may be patterns that would need revision
My staying out at night would give you fits
Letís stay in at night and watch television
Itís time to let go of the old script

Iím tired of it anyway
And since you have gone away
Iíve been stuck in a mental worry loop
Do you have company
Now that you are not with me
Maybe I should join some kind of social group

Remember that more never comes
From focusing on less
And wondering which one of us
Created this whole mess

Cause Iíve been dragged down by images of drama
As I have been unwilling to release
The memories of things we did in common
Your leaving me has brought me to my knees

You are where you need to be
Far enough away from me
Sometimes a split can teach us many things
Some that we donít want to hear
And can cause us greater fear
To be with us till the fat lady sings

Your leavingís got me dragging down with drama
Sometimes we get too smug for our own good