The Raven

Blackness frightening, blinding lightening,
Thunder pounding in the air,
Wind is blowing, danger showing,
Homeless raven doesnít care.

Arsonís yearning for fires burning
Makes the hillsides bare and weak,
Food source waning, balance straining,
Forestís futureís growing weak.

Rain is pouring, flashflood roaring,
Pushing down the mountainside,
Torrent crashes, beats and smashes,
Sturdy rocks begin to slide.

Seeking shelter, helter skelter,
Frightened raven swoops and dives,
Rocks are falling, death is calling,
Raven hoping to survive.

Numbness grasping, falling, gasping
Landing in a yucca tree,
Darkness closing, death imposing,
Raven fearing it must be.

Stunned and humbled, call is mumbled,
To a higher powerís ears,
Heartfelt sadness turns to gladness,
Gratitude through flowing tears.

Clouds are clearing, daylight peering,
Through the storm comes heavenís gaze,
Answered yearning, strength returning,
Raven flies through morning haze