The Scheme
10/29/2018 © FNF

He swore he had not done it
They said he must atone
He plummeted to baldness
No hair upon the throne

What should not be forgotten
Through pretext and excuse
Will rot and be perverted
No train, just a caboose

Eight men below the casket
Where no one was at home
A basket filled with toxins
Had made its way to Rome

Now, who will slay the killers
With conscience still intact
Honed skill of mindless action
The beasts who leave no tracks

Betray their only brother
As one they had not known
Another jilted kinship
So far-removed from home

It's hidden in the pages
The part that none dare read
For hatred of the Bible
Is tacit in their scheme

Now celebrate the poachers
Who feel no need to ask
The Globers know the answer
All boundaries are past

Save those who stay their mansions
With fences, guards, and guns
Expansion of the masses
Convinced, at last, they'd won

A signal they had reached it
Their grand, elitist goal
Impeached the well-intentioned
Destroyed our last, best hope