I Don't Pretend Anymore
Stopped looking for that spark in your eyes
 disappeared long ago,washed away as you cried.
Don't know what to expect when i walk through the door
always hoped you'd be glad to see me,
  But I won't pretend anymore.
   Why did what we had, get pushed aside?
Anger broken hearts became less important than pride
Deathly sounds of silence followed by sighs
Then we saw the writing on the wall
a cursive script, too late to try

     Through it all I remember when we first met
     though something's are best forgotten, good times aren't regrets
       look at you, that sadness for what used to be before
    Eyes like an open book don't lie
       Like you I just don't pretend anymore


         When we finally say goodbye,what  trophy's do losers take?
          From all those years, that'll  surely bring more heartache?
           Rather burn it all then look again at the photo of one i adored
       Wish I could take our pain away
      But I won't pretend anymore.

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We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. Oscar Wilde