By Me.....Part l
John was 64 and his wife Julia just died. She had a heart condition for many years and one morning John woke up and found her dead. It was quite a shock but not unexpected. They never had any children as Jane wasn't able to conceive but that never mattered to them as they loved each other and had a wonderful marriage. John called a few of their friends and had a very nice service. She was buried in a small and very beautiful cemetery up on a hill on the edge of town. They lived out in Rural Tennessee in a town called HOPE. After the the service and burial John came home to an empty lonely house. He went into the living room and sat down on his favorite chair and just stared out into space. He hadn't cried yet but was sure it would come. He had been married for so many years and now he was all alone. He just sat there and sat there. He didn't eat for days or take a shower and he got weaker and weaker. He couldn't seem to move and was in a deep depression. When his neighbor didn't see him for a few days he came over and knocked on his door to see if he was ok. The door was open and he went in and saw John passed out cold on his couch and called 9-11.

The police and an ambulance came and took him to the nearest hospital that was 30 miles away. They revived him in the ambulance as his blood sugar dropped too low and by the time he got to the hospital he was talking and moving around. They took him into the ER and ran a bunch of tests on him. A few things came back that looked suspicious so More Tests and Scans and Blood Tests and he was admitted to the Hospital. After a few days a Doctor came in and told him that he had lung cancer that had spread to the rest of his body and he didn't have long to live. All John could think of was thank God Julia didn't have to see this...He missed her but was glad she didn't suffer. The Doctor said he didn't recommend any treatments as his cancer was too advanced and thought that Hospice would be good for him.

So the next day he went back home. He went to see the Local Doc James Adams and told him what happened. They had known each other for many year. The next day a Nurse and a Social Worker from Hospice came by his house and told him all about Hospice. John had some pain and they said they would address that. They said they were there for him in any way they could. They gave him Anxiety Meds and a CNA came out to help him shower as his legs were kind of weak. He didn't feel that bad but was in some pain and some emotional distress. After all his wife had just died and now he was dying of cancer.

HOPE only had a few thousand people in it but was pretty close knit. There actually was a cancer support group there which met once a week at the local Church. John started to go there and helped him a lot. He made some friends there. There was 10 other cancer patients there but only 4 others were under Hospice care....the rest still undergoing treatments.

One Saturday John asked the group to come over to his house for a barbeque and everybody came. John had ribs and chicken and marshmellows and corn and beer and hotdogs and they had a wonderful time....One of the women from the group was walking around the 6 acres of land that John had and came upon an unusual looking tree with even stranger looking fruit. It looked like a cross between a pear, an apple and a bananna. She went back to the picnic and asked John what kind of tree that was way in the back? John told her he didn't plant any new trees and had no idea what she was talking about. She said to come with her and she led him to this tree. They both just stared at it and John told her it wasn't there a few days ago. John went over closer and noticed on the side of the tree there was some bark peeled off. In the area where the bark was peeled off there was something etched in it. He got real close and read "THE FRUIT OF THIS TREE WILL HEAL CANCER".
The two of them just looked at each other and were in a state of shock. They went and got the rest of the Group and brought them over there to see the tree and read the markings. One by one they went over and read it. They were totally silent in their own thoughts. What to make of this? Is this some kind of sick joke? Should they tell anybody? None on them had ever seen a tree that looked like this or a fruit that looked like this. Should they taste a piece of the fruit? Could this be real? How did this tree get there? John said it wasn't there a few days ago. Were they all dreaming the same dream?
They all decided for the time being not to tell anybody else. They would think about this and the next meeting in a week they would decide what to do next....