See if you think this in one for our times to be sure, although the idea was conceived long before it got on paper and before Trump became President.


c2018 Brian Beecher

Welfare as we know it has come to an end
The government has no more money to spend
Folks seem too afraid to speak out much these days
While the wars that we fight seem to never end

Once we were told we’d have days in the sun
Relaxed when it comes to getting work done
Tension takes over, all the while we’re told
Let it challenge you to get goals
While so many of us look down a black hole
We’re in a race to the bottom

The things that restore harmony
Are now considered bad by the powers that be
Told one day we will be fulfilling our
Greatest visions and sense of purpose

Let the energy you run on be fumes
Signs say work harder or else we are doomed
Told that the robots will take over soon
We’re in a race to the bottom

Unconditional love means nothing no more
Make one mistake you could be shown the door
Feeling deeply won’t save you from what lies in store
You may be sound in body but in spirit you’re poor

And as the darkness beckons you can’t tell truth from lies
Those hidden places may contain a surprise
That you’d rather not see right before your eyes
We’re in a race to the bottom

Many of us may notice a little jolt
In the wiring of our world
With renewed mental energy and desire to
Move ideas into action let voices be heard

Go forward with courage into the night
Carry the message till we see the light
Only then will we see any relief in sight
We’re in a race to the bottom