Stopped for a coffee

stopped for a coffee
in an all night cafe
too much on my mind to sleep
an old guy approached me
asked for spare change
I said take a load off your feet

he put his bag on the ground
before he sat down
rested himself on the seat
it was no big deal to order a meal
for a man who looked broken and beat

I looked into his eyes and to my surprise
saw a kindness I don't often see
life hadn't gone his way
but he had no bad words to say
he seemed humble and thankful to me

I'd like to believe as he got up to leave
I'd done my kind deed for the day
but he'd also helped me set my mind free
for which I'll thank God when I pray

our troubles feel bad make us feel sad
til we look at the lonely and unfed
they have no one to hold in the night's cold
while we dream tomorrows dreams in our bed

It is a sad tale when our people we fail
and to their plight we turn a blind eye
there's more we can do; hope you think so too
or we'll drown in the tears that they cry.


Just a writer of words