"Once Upon A Time"

Once upon a time I was young
Just a little kid with wide open eyes
Looking at the great big world
And it's grand disguise.

I was a cute kid in kindergarten
Had a crush on a girl named Sue....
She was SO Cute
And I followed around like glue

Next thing I remember I was in 9th grade
As the Captain of the basketball team
I was a big fish in a small town
Didn't really know what that would mean

I went off to college in '63
Saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.
At that moment I knew my world was about to change
How.. I couldn't know how..

I told my Mon was wasn't going teach
And that I was dedicating my life to writing songs
She almost fainted dead on the floor
She said I was so wrong

I was supposed to work in the Family Business
Have a house with a white picket fence
A wife and some kids
And Mom said I had no commonsense

I loved my Mom so much
And she died in '66 just before I became a soldier
I know what she wanted for me
But I followed my dreams and now I'm older

Didn't get married till I was fifty
Was playing my tunes with my band
I stayed true to my dreams
Played all over this land.

My Mom told me that if I wasn't careful
I wouldn't amount to very much
But I think I've done pretty good
But life can give us a hard punch

So now I'm older and followed my dreams
And I never made much money
But I believe my Mom would be proud of me
I have my wife Sue who is my honey

So now I have cancer
And scared most of the time
Doing the best that I can
With God I'll be just fine