Update on the 2017 Awards: With Holiday season upon us, we haven't made progress since before Thanksgiving and won't until the new year. We're not really caught up in dates (release dates, or even awards year) rather we just want to honor some great music because sincere recognition without business or politics poisoning the results is rare today. We are all just volunteers and though in years past we were able to power through sheer force of will to hit deadlines, this time around and in "these times" it seems I have failed to push it through as timely as I had hoped. We'll regroup once people resurface and come out of their holiday requirements and finish up the voting and judging and choosing and then I hope to take one last shot at pulling together an awards gathering/show of some type. It's our chance to be in the room together to celebrate as a community all the collective talent of the nominees, top to bottom across such diversity and distance around the world. Though I apologize that I couldn't pull it off in 2017 as intended, I am just as proud to bring the positive attention to your collective music it so thoroughly deserves. Honest praise means something, Moving music lovers means something, whether commerce is involved or not, that is a separate and unrelated thing. Whether we call it the 2017 or the 2018 awards is irrelevant, it's a celebration and we'll get there. This happened once before in 2002 where we had to push the awards back to March 2003. People still call that one of their favorite musical events in their life. So stay tuned and we'll do our best and if we ask for help at some point, please consider offering up a little to get us across the finish line. Happy Holidays everyone!

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